Every item is ALWAYS gluten and nut free (we do use coconut products).  We also offer dairy free, vegan, paleo, keto and unrefined/less sugar items.  

We are a small batch bakery.  Our daily menu changes throughout the week and may include: cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, and keto cookies.  We like to make special treats and add to the daily menu on occasion.  These include whoopie pies, cookie cake slices, cobbler cups and cake pudding cups.  We are always looking at new things to add as special treats!  

Cake Information:

Small Cake - six inch round, two layer cake, 8-10 small slices (6" in diameter)
Medium Cake - eight inch round, two layer cake, 18-22 small slices (8" in diameter)

Other cake sizes available depending on your needs

(Please note - a small cake slice size is roughly 1.5" x 2" x 3.5/4" [tall])

Cake flavors available: (My traditional way to bake most of these cake flavors is GF/V/DF.  If dairy needs to be used for allergy reasons, please note that when placing your order.  Some flavors have to use dairy and are noted below.  Vegan is dairy and egg free.  Dairy free is animal milk free and contains eggs.)  

Cocoa Velvet (Red Velvet without the food coloring) 
Strawberry  (available based on strawberry availability)
Strawberry shortcake (NOT available in vegan or dairy free)

Lemon Blueberry 
Lavender Lemon 
Latte (vanilla cake with coffee in the cake)
Mocha  (chocolate cake with coffee in the cake)
Mint Chocolate Chip 
Chocolate Chip 
Pineapple Coconut 

Life Changing Chocolate Cake (single layer cake topped with dark chocolate ganache, paleo, dairy free, NOT available in vegan)

Seasonal - Pumpkin 
Seasonal - Spice Cake 
Seasonal - Orange Spice Cake 
Seasonal - Gingerbread 
Seasonal - Cranberry Vanilla 

Seasonal - Apple Cider

Icing flavors:

Buttercream (contains dairy)
Vanilla (dairy free/vegan)
Chocolate (dairy free/vegan)
Cream Cheese (contains dairy)
Chocolate Mocha (dairy free/vegan)
Lemon flavored buttercream or vanilla icing
Cinnamon Vanilla (dairy free/vegan)
Sunbutter (dairy free/vegan)
Coffee (dairy free/vegan)
Mint (dairy free/vegan)

The strawberry shortcake uses whipped cream as the frosting (contains dairy).  

Keto Cake Menu: (all keto cakes contain dairy and eggs and coconut flour)

Vanilla, chocolate, mint, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip, lemon, lemon lavender, orange, cinnamon, coconut, cocoa velvet

Seasonal - pumpkin, spice cake, gingerbread, orange spice cake, cranberry vanilla

Keto Icing Flavors: 

Cream Cheese based - original cream cheese, chocolate cream cheese, mint cream cheese, orange cream cheese, lemon cream cheese, sunbutter cream cheese

Paleo cakes available on request. 

Prices will be quoted as needed.