Every item is ALWAYS gluten and nut free (we do use coconut products).  We also offer diary free, vegan, paleo, keto and unrefined/less sugar items.  

We are a small batch bakery, and our items change daily.  We offer smaller amounts of each baked good which means we could sell out quickly of some items.  We take requests (we love them in fact), so please let us know if there is something you have been missing and want us to make for you. 

Each day, we offer cookies, brownies, cupcakes and fat bombs.  We offer special treats throughout the week that may include: cobbler cups, cinnamon rolls, whoopee pies, mini loaf cakes, cookie cake slices, cookie dough tubs and baked donuts.  

We offer cakes and pies as special order items.  We ask for a two week notice on all special orders.  Some dates fill up faster and aren't available.  Wedding cake orders require a longer lead time.  

Our Ingredients:

We use organic ingredients as much as we can.  We always look for the Non GMO label.  And, we believe in using local ingredients that are in season.  We got our start at the farmer’s market, and we believe in continuing that grassroots movement by buying local from those same farmers when we can. 

We use the following brands and have always found success with them: 

Authentic Foods - flours, tapioca, arrowroot, xanthan gum

Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk (carton)

Spectrum shortening

Nutiva - coconut flour

Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Lets Do Organic - flaked coconut

GF Harvest Oats

Sunbutter Brand

We are a dedicated bakery that does not use gluten/wheat or nut products.  We do use coconut products – oil, sugar, flour, shredded.  We work very closely with our suppliers to use ingredients from dedicated facilities who either do not process allergens in their plants or have very strict processing standards and dedicated lines. It is very important to us to provide safe treats.  Please know we work very hard to make this happen, but you know your level of comfort and must decide if our treats are safe enough for your needs.  Please let us know of any allergies or concerns, and we can discuss your needs to make sure everything is safe for you.